At the end of the first millennium, people of the Russian north took alcoholic drinks very seriously.

The extreme cold temperatures of winter stopped the shipment of wines and beers, as these relatively low- proof drinks could freeze during transit. Until the introduction of distilling into Eastern Europe in the 1400s, strong drink was made by fermenting strong wines, meads, and beers, freezing them, and then drawing off the alcoholic slush from the frozen water!

Russians firmly believe that Vodka was created in their land. Commercial production was established by the 14th century. In 1540 Czar Ivan the Terrible took a break from beheading his enemies and established the first government Vodka monopoly. Distilling licenses were handed out to the boyars (the nobility) and all other distilleries were banned.

Vodka production became an integral part of Russian society. Aristocratic landowners operated stills on their estates and produced high-quality Vodkas which were frequently flavored with everything from acorns to horseradish and mint

Burning Canister

Since the introduction of Firestarter Vodka the unique and innovative packaging has always created a buzz, that has only enhanced and raised the product as the quality of the vodka speaks for itself with several international medal awards.


With the development of the brand and through market requirements Molvino have developed bottles and guala caps for the Firestarter range. With its unique locking system the bottle caps cannot be removed and its new design adds to its character and iconic style.

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