Following the traditional, aged recipe of London Dry Gin comes Tower Bridge Organic Wild Berry Pink Gin.

From the award-winning distillers, Molvino Fine Wine& Spirits comes Tower Bridge Organic Wild Berry Gin that follows the traditional, aged recipes of London Dry Gin with the additions of organic berries. Using only natural, organic botanicals and fruits native to its country of creation (Moldova) as well as no artificial flavors or sweeteners (the rules of a genuine London Dry Gin) this offering has great body, aroma, and taste that gives a true fruit gin.

Incorporating natural, organic botanicals and berries native to Moldova, we have created a truly uniquely-flavoured London Dry Gin. We use no artificial flavours or sweeteners ensuring a pure, organic and flavourful experience.

Tower Bridge Organic Wild Berry Pink Gin is an unmatched taste and aroma adventure.

Botanicals and Fruits

Juniper Berries

Bluish, purple berries which are the principal ingredient of London Dry Gin

 Star Anise

A star-shaped seed-containing fruit providing an aromatic, spicy kick.

 Sweet Woodruff

An organic, sweet edible flower

 Root Bark

Adding a cinnamon-style flavour with a peppery punch

 Wild Woodland strawberries and Organic Raspberries


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